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Pokemon GO, game of the momment!

Hi there! If you live on the planet Earth like the rest of humans, it’s most likely that you heard of or played Pokemon Go by now. Pokemon Go is a game that uses the augmented reality, in which the players get to capture the iconic Pokemon that has delighted our youth. The game uses the internet and the GPS for the creatures to be mapped on real world locations. The game was created by Niantic Labs and was inspired by Nintendo.
Players can log into the game with their Google account or they can sign up with a Pokemon GO Hack Trainer Club account that comes with many other privileges. The account assigns you a trainer that can be customised with a name, skin tones, outfits and many other things. Once your trainer has a name, Professor Willow will guide you to catch your starter Pokemon.
After you caught your first Pokemon, the adventure begins. Continue reading Pokemon GO, game of the momment!